Welcome to the website that tells you everything you need to know about yachts, and the wonderful world of charter cruising. Here we explain the different types of boats and their propulsion systems. Some are powerful diesels, for cruising inland waters. Others use sails to cross the oceans – the ultimate seafaring experience.

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We tell you everything you need to know about chartering yachts. Should you join a package tour or go on an exclusive cruise? Time will tell, but you still need to know what to pack. We provide exclusive tips on what to take, and what to leave behind at home.

Then we sail away to romantic islands in the North Atlantic between the Americas and Scandinavia. These are environmental treasures that isolation preserved for us to see.

  • We begin with the Hebrides, where red deer roam the hillsides and the ocean teems with whales and other denizens of the deep.
  • Next, we visit Iceland, where Celtic monks once settled, and descendants of the Vikings live beside volcanoes deep beneath the ice.
  • Then we anchor off Greenland, to savour the Northern Lights in season, and see where icebergs carve in deep, mysterious fjords.
  • Finally, we arrive in the Fær Øer Islands sheltering above steep, rocky cliffs. They teem with wildlife on land and sky and sea.

We close with a description of life aboard a sailing yacht far out to sea. We live in the circadian rhythms of the days and seasons. As we come close to nature and the oceans from whence we came, our life assumes a long-forgotten mode. There, small things no longer matter and we are at peace again.