Sail Away With Us Into the Dark Blue Deep

5d4e9f8dbfa3439d2d894d6aaaffb290We mention just a few of our most popular destinations on these pages. But yachts are portable. We can go anywhere we want, to any island, to any continent, powered by the wind across the ocean waves. And that’s the beauty of it really: you see, our boat is perfectly green. We even use the wind to provide on-board electricity.

The Circadian Rhythm of Ocean Life

All living creatures, humans, mammals, birds, and fish, and even plants follow a twenty-four hour cycle. The sun dictates this, and to an extent the seasons too. Technology is stretching the hours we are awake, providing less time for rest, sleep, and recuperation. This is why we sometimes feel tired and stressed.

As the sun sets, our navigation lights come on, while low-energy LED’s provide soft light below deck. We gather topside to watch the sun’s golden dish dip below the far horizon. Our voices hush. We hear the waves caress the hull. Then we retire below deck to discover what the cook has made for supper.

Later, we may go topside again to view the stars if the sky is clear, and greet the person on watch who makes sure we have a peaceful night. There are no streetlights to blunt our eyes far out to sea. Our vision is acute as we gaze in awe at a myriad of stars, and the Milky Way – the heart of our own galaxy. Then we retire for a nice, long, relaxing sleep.

Sail Away With Us Into the Dark Blue Deep

We awake the next morning as the rising sun peeps through the portholes. We feel amazingly relaxed, but our minds are sharp and alert because we have rested well. The cook has already prepared the first batch of coffee. We gather on deck to welcome the day, and to share the plans we have for it. Come and join us. Come and experience the rhythm of life far out on the ocean!