Sharing a Charter Versus ‘Owning’ the Space

5db646e09cb5d2bf2b2f6f0767afc7e7Yacht charters are not expensive, compared to cruise lines and fancy hotels. This is especially true, given the personal attention, and the constantly changing views. Your first yachting holiday may be an experiment in social cruising, where your fellow passengers become your latest and closest friends.

Becoming the ‘Captain’ of Your Ship

There comes a time, after yachting hooks us, when we want to be ‘the captain of our ship’, and decide our next destination on an almost daily basis. An exclusive charter with good friends who all chip in their contribution can be the solution. This could be the most marvellous way to celebrate a life of friendship.

There is something impeccably beautiful about cruising across the ocean, with sails billowing before us and overhead. President John Kennedy believed, “We are tied to the ocean: And when we go back to the sea – whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back to whence we came.” Are you sensing the call?

How to Choose the Perfect Yacht Charter

Many newbies are unsure about cruising the ocean in yachts. That is okay with us. You can visit for more information about boats for sale. We are happy if people shop around before choosing us, as they regularly do. We suggest you consider asking your broker whether they have actually cruised with us – or at least visited us at the quayside. There is more to life on the ocean than specifications and prices. Would you like to inspect our boat and meet the crew?

Our Personal Invitation – Let’s Meet!

We believe a successful charter cruise is all about the people. The guests, and the captain and crew who sail the boat. We will not accept a charter unless we feel the ‘chemistry’ is right. Our life revolves around our ocean-going yacht. We care about the people who travel with us. We want you to arrive as guests and leave as lifetime friends. Our greatest pleasure is when you tell us: we will see you again!