What to Take with You on a Yacht Cruise

28_yacht-rental-dubai-7Yachts are not big spaces. Every pound of unnecessary baggage slows them down, however slightly. The clothes you need depend on the season and the climate zone. Ask the charter company for advice. Remember yachting is the ultimate laid-back holiday for guests. You are not going to the Last Night at the Proms, or tea and biscuits with the Queen.

The Essential Thing Is Your Luggage

Ask the charter company for the best dimensions for your bags, or better still the size of the storage bins where you are going to squeeze in your clothes. Take soft-sided bags that flat pack. Duffel bags are great. Rigid cases are a disaster. If you’ll scratch the woodwork, you are not off to a good start.

The Types of Gear You are Going to Need

You are going to need three different sets of clothes for different occasions. Pack kit that you can wear repeatedly, and keeps coming up looking good.

  • Pack two sets of lightweight clothes for wearing inside the yacht when you want to look your best in the evening.
  • Add what you need when out on the deck with the waves flying past. The climate dictates your choices.
  • Include clothing for when you go on shore. Keep it simple. The locals will know you are from our yacht anyway!
  • Computer, so you can play online slots or use netflix.

Now discard half of everything you have set aside to pack. One of the biggest mistakes our clients make is bringing too much clutter. Please include a pair of rubber sole, lace-up shoes that will not harm the wooden deck or leave scuff marks.

And Finally, the Little Extras

Leave your valuables at home. We cannot be responsible for their loss. Instead, use the nooks and crannies for your bathing costume and sun factor. Bring several hats (they do blow away) and spare camera batteries. Then leave your cares behind you, and join us for the yacht cruise of a lifetime.